A poem for Acorn Windows!

A poem for Acorn Windows!

We recently had a great letter from a customer who was so happy with the work we did that they even wrote us a poem as a thankyou...

We now have our new windows
Over here in Mulberry Way
So do not need three arms and hands
To open them each day
It's still a little difficult
To reach across the sink
But altering the kitchens
Is imposible they think
Anyway we have new windows
And - a new back door
Which means there are less latches
To fumble with any more
So thanks to every-one concerned
For bringing this about
We have new windows and a door
With no extra paying out.

The property surveyor for the job also added....

Hi James

I just wanted to send this email to express my thanks for the work John Brocklehurst has done at Lakeside Gardens.

We were over there this morning doing the final snagging and apart from a few minor niggles the residents were over the moon with the new windows.

John has been excellent from start to finish, always being available to answer any questions that the residents, Diane (the scheme manager) or myself had.

He is a credit to your company and the job would have not gone half so well, I’m sure had he not been overseeing it.

I’ve attached a thank you letter from the resident of number 49.