Aluminium Carports in Nottingham

For a cost effective, stylish and modern space to protect your vehicle from the English weather, look no further!

Our carports come in a variety of styles and colours, and are a perfect shelter for your vehicle. A cost effective shelter solution designed to enhance your home whilst offering unbeatable structural performance.

We have 3 simple Carport solutions for you:

Our Simplicity Range has been developed to be quick to install and east to maintain. Built using aluminium, these Outdoor Carports are designed and manufactured with high quality and longevity in mind, at an affordable price.

Simplicity 16 Carport

With a really clever design our Simplicity 16 Carport is cost effective, attractive and versatile. The Simplicity 16 Carport is a great option for use as a carport or canopy because of its lightweight roofing system and project capability of up to 4 metres (depending on loading calculations).

If you need a a simple and long lasting solution to keeping your car safe and dry all year round, then Simplicity 16 is a great option.

Image of a simplicity 16 carport from Acorns Windows Nottingham

Simplicity 35 Carport

The Simplicity 35 is a really popular carport because of its strength, adaptability, and unlimited length.

It’s construction from aluminium, giving you with a fantastic Carport that can last up to 60 years. 

With the Simplicity 35, you can cover numerous cars with minimum poles, and it can be built to any length to fulfil special requirements. Its maximum spread is 6 metres.

It features a sleek, contemporary design and strong integrated aluminium gutters which look great on your house. Even better, during the course of the product’s lifetime, the aluminium guttering requires very little additional maintenance.

Keep your car sheltered under The Simplicity 35 system and lower the chance of your car’s paintwork deteriorating, with its 35mm structured polycarbonate roof panels which provide more than 98% UV protection.

Additionally, by providing cover and shade on hot, bright days, this Carport will help to keep the interior of your car cool.

With a changeable wall pitch ranging from 2.5° to 45°, the Simplicity 35 allows you to customise the wall-plate height to your preference, making it perfect for higher cars, caravans and campers. The standard finishes for the aluminium structure are White Semi Gloss (RAL 9016) and Anthracite Grey Textured (RAL 7016).

Image of a simplicity 16 carport from Acorns Windows Nottingham

Simplicity Free Carport

With a strong contemporary design, the Simplicity Free Carport looks stunning. Perfect as a free-standing or wall-mounted carport, adds a premium feel to your home. We’ve named it Simplicity Free because because it has a free-standing alternative, offers you more versatility.

The Simplicity Free, which has a maximum projection of 4 metres and may be any length that is required.

The Simplicity Free is made of aluminium and was created with the harsh UK weather in mind. It features a strong 8 millimeter galvanised steel profile corner connector plate to provide a solid installation. With an anticipated lifespan of 50 years, the Simplicity Free is built to last. 

Simplicity Free contemporary aluminium car port in Nottingham

The Simplicity Benefits:

All aluminium construction

Simplicity 16 is made entirely of aluminium for remarkable durability and minimal maintenance. It also features a seamless, hidden guttering for a sleek, contemporary look.

Quick installation

With our expert knowledge, and the skills of our fixing trams, installing the Simplicity 16 is fast with minimal disruption. 

Impact Resistance

Unlike some of the systems on the market today, using PVC or GRP, we use the higher impact resistance of polycarbonate. To guarantee that your investment lasts and has the impact resistance and snow loading capabilities for wherever you are in the UK, we exclusively use triple wall 16mm polycarbonate sheeting.

Variable resistance

The Simplicity 16 gives you that additional bit of flexibility with a pitch range of 2.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees, in contrast to most other roof kits that only offer a fixed pitch.