Seamlessly connect your home or conservatory with your garden and bring the outside inside.

Glass options available…

Bevel Clusters

Bevelled Fanlights

Fanlight Borders

Obscure Glass

Traditional Fanlights

Obscure Glass​

If you are looking for extra privacy but don’t want to lose light within your rooms then obscure glass is the solution. There are a wide range of obscure glass options available to give you the exact level of privacy you require.

arctic obscure glass

Arctic™ Privacy Level 5

autumn obscure glass

Autumn™ Privacy Level 3

cassini obscure glass

Cassini™ Privacy Level 5

chantilly obscure glass

Chantilly™ Privacy Level 2

Charcoal Sticks™ Privacy Level 4

contora obscure glass

Contora™ Privacy Level 4

cotswold obscure glass

Cotswold™ Privacy Level 5

digital obscure glass

Digital™ Privacy Level 3

everglade obscure glass

Everglade™ Privacy Level 5

flemish obscure glass

Flemish™ Privacy Level 1

florielle obscure glass

Florielle™ Privacy Level 4

mayflower obscure glass

Mayflower™ Privacy Level 4

minster obscure glass

Minster™ Privacy Level 2

oak obscure glass

Oak™ Privacy Level 4

pelerine obscure glass

Pelerine™ Privacy Level 4

reeded obscure glass

Reeded™ Privacy Level 2

stippolyte obscure glass

Stippolyte™ Privacy Level 4

sycamore obscure glass

Sycamore™ Privacy Level 2

taffeta obscure glass

Taffeta™ Privacy Level 3

tribal obscure glass

Tribal™ Privacy Level 5

warwick obscure glass

Warwick™ Privacy Level 1

Bevelled Fanlights

Bespoke decorative glass adds an exclusive style and expression to make that visual impact “Something Special”. Decorative panels that produce a wealth of inspirational opportunities are provided in the following pages. Click on the thumbnails to view each picture close up.

Bevelled Clusters